Fabric Teepees at Camp with Sewing With Boys

We are still playing at Camp over at Sewing With Boys! You are going to love the project that we have for you today. It is fun to make, uses up your scraps, and completely kid friendly.

What little boy, or girl, does not like to play with Indians in the summer time. Our yard is a perfect spot for hunting deer, picking berries, building a campfire, and of course constructing a teepee. We used this project to learn a little bit more about what a teepee is, who used them, and how they are built.

We learned that teepees were used by the nomadic Native Americans from the Great Plains. They were used as the living spaces for a single family or for multiple families. We also learned that the construction of the teepee was the responsibility of the women. They would use long poles as the base, then wrapped animal skins around it. In the summer time, when it was hot, they would leave an opening at the base of the teepee to allow the air to flow through. In the wintertime, the base was secured to the ground to keep the heat in. The hole at the top of the teepee was left open so that the smoke from fires made within, could escape into the air.

We also learned that traditionally the entrance to the teepee was positioned to the east so that the rising sun could be seen in the morning. Sometimes the teepees were all arrange in a circle so that the children could play in the open space created in the center.

Another fun thing that we learned is that while the women were in charge of building the teepee, the men were in charge of painting the skins on the outside of the teepee. Our kids decided that this would not work for our family, because I am much shorter than my husband and the kids all agreed that we would not have a very pretty teepee if he and the boys got to paint it.

We had so much fun learning about teepees this week, making our own little fabric teepees, and playing for hours outside with our toys. To see how we made our Fabric Teepees, you can head over to Sewing With Boys for the complete tutorial. We did use some great prints, like Tomahawk by Art Gallery, which you can find in our SHOP. We hope that you are having a great summer too!

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