MLP inspired Stick Ponies for Fleece Fun’s Handmade Saturday

Hello November and Hello world! I can believe that the year is almost over! As each year comes to an end I always have a tendency to start reflecting on it. We have a had a busy but fun year! This month Leah & I plan to share with you many of the people, experiences, tutorials, and a few personal moments that we are thankful of, grateful for, and blessed because of. We will have weekly giveaways found here on the blog and on our Facebook page so be sure to check in regularly!

Today I want to say how thankful I am for all the opportunities that we have be a part of in this crazy and exciting online world or blogging, sewing, and crafting! It is so  much fun to make new friends and to be inspired by the many talented people out there. Today we sharing a post on Fleece Fun for her annual Handmade Saturday Tour. I am showing you how to make My Little Pony Inspired Stick Ponies. They are so cute, fast and fun to make. Your kids can help you with the sewing or you can make them as gifts. Fleece Fun is always packed with great ideas and we are grateful to be able to be part of this years line up! I hope that you can find a project that will bless some one dear to you this holiday season.

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