A Pattern Hack & a GIVEAWAY!

We have made a commitment to spend this month celebrating the people and things that we are thankful for, grateful of, and blessed by.  You can read about Jessica from Gracious Threads, Karly from Paisley Roots, and Jessica & Ericka from Violette Field Threads. They have all impacted our lives for the better and we are honored to know them. We want you to be able to know each of them a bit better and so we are going to giveaway one pattern from each of them! Three lucky readers will receive one of the following PDF Patterns from these amazing women; Eclair Blouse, All Spice Dress, Forest Friends Pocket Set. Simply fill out the Raffelcopter at the end of this post for your chance to win!

Today I am going to share with you a pattern hack that I did on Violette Field Threads Forest Friends Pocket Set. While this pattern was designed to add sweet little forest friends as pockets on your children’s clothing, I decided to use the pockets for something else…hand warmers! Read on to learn how to complete this hack for yourself. They would make for excellent handmade Christmas gifts!

VFT Forest Friends Pocket Set PDF Pattern
Woven Fabric
Flannel Fabric
Lightweight Fusible Interfacing
Trims – such a buttons, ribbon, or lace
Basic Sewing Tools
Hand Warmers: I followed V & Co tutorial here

I love to mix & match fabrics. Here are the combos that I choose to use


Once you have chosen your fabrics you need to trace and cut the pattern pieces. Follow this cutting guide (not what is printed on each pattern piece) to make one Hand Warmer Pocket:

  • Animal Head:  Cut (2) from the woven main fabric and (2) from the flannel fabric – making sure that you cut as mirror images so that you can pair a main fabric piece to a flannel piece.
  • Face: Cut 1 of the main fabric and 1 of interfacing
  • Accents:  Cut 1 of the main fabric and 1 of interfacing of each of the detail pieces (ie the eyes, nose, ears, etc.)
  • You can cut additional layers for more texture and detail if you desire

I am going to show you the Rabbit for this tutorial but because each animal is different, the order in which you choose to complete the details is up to you.  I would suggest completing the face one layer at a time so you can see how you want everything stack on top of each other. I started with the Main Woven Animal Head piece.

First things first; lay it all out! Place all the detail pieces (and the interfacing) onto the head piece and make any adjustments that you need to. Now take off any accent pieces that are layered on another accent piece. This is your first layer. Using a hot iron, firmly press the fabrics thus adhering the accent piece to the head base.

I wanted the end result to be playful so I added the detail of free-hand top-stitching on the accent pieces. I wanted to use contrasting thread colors so that the stitching was more evident. I also added a few little details like the a bow, whiskers, and different eyes.

You are going to repeat this process with each detail piece, layer upon layer. These layers will really bring your Forest Friend to life! I wanted to make my fox a bit more foxy, so I changed the eye to make it look more coy, hopefully. Then if you would like to add buttons for the eyes or nose, or add lace and ribbons you can finish with that.

***The cover will NOT go in the micro-wave so there is no concern about types of trims you use***

Once you have completed your face details you need stitch this main woven piece right-sides together to the matching flannel piece ONLY ALONG THE BOTTOM EDGE.

Turn, press, and baste stitch, if you desire, the remaining edges WRONG-sides together and then set it aside.

Now take the remaining head set (both should be identical and be mirror images of the head you just finished). Stitch them together ONLY ALONG THE BOTTOM EDGE with right-sides together. Then turn, press, and baste stitch, if you desire, the remaining edges WRONG-sides together.

Now we are ready to assemble our pocket. Lay the assembled pieces right-sides together and pin all edges except for the bottom finished edge.

Stitch around the perimeter. Reinforce the two opening points with a few extra layers of stitching. Use pinking shears to trim the seam allowance or make small cuts along the curved edges for ease when turning. Be sure to NOT cut your thread! Then turn your cover right-side out and give it a good press.

You are done! You have created an adorable Forest Friends Hand Warmer Pocket.

My kids walk to school so we use hand warmers all winter long. Now I can heat their hand warmers in the microwave for a few seconds longer and then stuff it into their new forest friend. The extra warm hand warmer will not burn their hands and will last the entire walk to school. Not only will their little hands stay warm but they will have a Forest Friend traveling with them and what is more fun than that!

I had to throw in this picture too because this is when he realized that they were warm and while his little 3 year mind did not understand, he sure loved that they were hot in his hands! So cute!!!



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