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It never ceases to amaze me how fast 2 days turn into 3 weeks then 6 months and before I can look around a new year is almost upon me. This month we are taking some time to remind ourselves to be grateful of the blessings that we have around us everyday. I, like so many of you, am beyond grateful for the family that surrounds me. My husband and I have been married for 14 years and we have 5 beautiful, stubborn, amazing children! There have been many rough days, goofy days, ordinary days, heartbreaking moments, unconditional love, and pure joy!

My family loves to walk and hike. Often this is what we find ourselves doing on peaceful Sunday afternoons. We had such a Sunday a few weeks back when we all headed out to Fort Vancouver watch the harvest moon rise. The fort is a beautiful location for pictures. While we were there I made my kids line up, muddy legs and all, to take one kid picture. The sun was golden, the setting amazing, my kids adorable…click, click,click. I was so excited to see how these pictures came out. The next day I was looking through the photos. As always there was not a single picture of all the kids looking at the camera at the same time. In my head I said ‘I can fix that.’ So I start to look at each image more carefully. That is when I noticed this weird shape behind my children in the bottom right hand corner of the frame….

I clicked to the next image, it was still there. Then in the next image, the Great Pumpkin (as we now call it) had it’s tongue out. In the next frame his man sized hands were jutting off the sides of his head like a reindeer. What on earth is it, you ask? ……..the Love of my life! YES! My amazingly witty husband photo bombed EVERY frame! Now that the shock has worn off, I have come to cherish this image! It is my favorite photo of the year! There was no way this gem was going to stay trapped on my camera. If I printed only one photo this year – this was the one!


I sent the finished image off to Canvas Pop, an online studio that will turn your images into beautiful products! It was such a pleasant experience. My first worry with the image was that the Great Pumpkin, aka my husband’s photo bombing head, was going to be lost in the final image because of where he was on the image. I knew that if we wrapped the photo around the frame of the canvas, his head would be on the sides and not visible. I was working with Steve and he showed me a few options. I could do a color wrap around the edges of the canvas so that the main image would be on the front of the canvas only. Another option was a mirror wrap, but honestly I only needed to see him once. The last option, and the one I chose was a pixel pull on the edges.

Once we figured that out all I needed to do was upload my image, choose my size – I picked the 16″ x 24″ frame with a .75″ depth, and check my email for the proof. The proof was perfect, the order placed, and the poor UPS man stalked! Once the canvas arrived, I was so thrilled to open it!

The print is rich and vibrant and I absolutely love the texture of the canvas. It just makes the photo feel so special! The image is crisp and just as I saw it in the proof. I am so happy with it!

I decorated the top of piano to highlight the bounty of love that I have for this season of Thanksgiving and family! The best part is that I am not the only one who can have a gorgeous canvas in my house. Not only are these canvas beautiful they are economical and worth every penny. And because Canvas Pop is such a generous affiliate; we get to give you all a discount code, PHAT35 – for 35% off your order!

Canvas Pop is also going to give one lucky reader their very own 16″ x 24″ canvas with a .75″ depth! We are so excited for you all! For your chance to win the Canvas Print from Canvas Pop you need to CLICK HERE.┬áTo use the discount code for a print right now you simple need to copy & save the code, PHAT35 and click on this link Canvas Pop, and begin your order. It’s that simple! We hope that you have an amazing week!

**While this post does contain affiliate links and a giveaway sponsored by Canvas Pop, my experience with this company and my opinions of working with CanvasPop and the finial product are my own.**

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