Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Well it is almost Christmas and that means that the trees have been trimmed with popcorn & cranberries, gifts have been carefully planed & wrapped, and Ugly Christmas Sweaters have been constructed and celebrated at parties far and wide! Karly over at Paisley Roots is hosting an Ugly Christmas Sweater Virtual Party this month and we just had to play along! You can play too, it’s not too late. You have until December 31st to link up your handmade ugly sweater for a chance to win a surprise sash of goodies. We decided that Leah would make my sweater and I would make hers and then we would swap and wear them at our friend Ashley’s party! Uhmmm, to say we had fun with this little project could be the understatement of the year!


Leah decided to play the cool card and created an epic look that I will admit I have worn at least every other day since receiving it! Up her in the PNW this man-beard hipster thing has really , dare I say, grown! Of course for the holidays they have had to decorate their manly beards. Using this as inspiration and my undying love for Star Wars and especially Chewbacca, she created this….

She hand cut each part of the fake fur to make Chewbacca look as authentic as possible. Her hilarious fall back was that if it did not look like Chewie it would look like Bigfoot, who is another love of my life. Win, win! We both used Patterns for Pirates Woman’s Raglan. Leah used the curved hem for mine and I love how it looked on me. I used the the banded hem for hers and she loved it as well!

I decided to take the ‘Ugly’ part a little more serious and did little things that I knew would bug her, like fabrics that do not match, and colors that can not bee seen well. I used black thread in the bobbin with different color threads for top-stitching.

I also wanted to use our inside joke based on the fact that Leah is really blind in one eye. so if anything ever is done wrong, be it by me her or an unrelated person we always blame it on her Blindside. Makes us feel better to lay blame on eye rather than confess to our mistakes…. he he he. Sadly Leah was in a car accident a few weeks before doing this and to help lighten the mood I decided to poke fun at that as well. And so we have Santa crashing his sled because those darn trees were on his Blindside. We had so much fun with this!

We want to share with you how I took this Girl Charlee Reindeer Knit and turned it into Rudolph Knit. It was a fast an simple project that is perfect for ugly sweaters or awesome Christmas fabric!

Supplies: Self Adhesive Fabric Jewels, Reindeer fabric, Iron
Step 1: Peel back plastic cover and carefully take one off the jewels.
Step 2: Gently place the glue side of the jewel onto the fabric and move it to it’s place.
Step 3: Using a hot iron press the jewel in place using the steam function.
Step 4: Admire how your once cute reindeer is now the cutest Rudolph ever!

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