Little Explorer Fanny Pack – a free sewing pattern

I hope you have been inspired from our stop on the Strong is the New Skinny Blog Tour to find a way to fit physical activity into your family life. Hiking is my families favorite physical activity that we can all participate in at once. You can read more about how hiking makes us strong here.

To get your little ones prepared for your next hike we have created this pattern and tutorial for your personal use. This fanny pack is meant to be simple, small, and useful for your child. It is meant to hold a few basic survival supplies like a water, an emergency blanket, and a balaclava or gloves. It has a small open pocket for an emergency whistle or flashlight and an extra zipper pocket for a snack and emergency card. This is not a survival pack, but a way for your child to take on a bit more of the load and responsibility of being prepared while hiking.


Little Explorer Fanny Pack
(2) 10.75″ x  8.25″ Main Pouch pieces using main fabric
(suggested fabric choices: duck cloth, denim, or canvas)

(1) 10.75″ x 8.25″ TRIANGLE Zipper Pocket piece of contrasting fabric

(1) 12″ x 4″ rectangle of main fabric

(2) 7″ x 4″ Belt Loop pieces using contrasting fabric

(2) 14″ zippers

Nylon cording with buckles for waistband
optional; reflective fabric strips
basic sewing supplies

Step One
Attach your zipper to the right side of your Outer Pocket piece and stitch into place.
Step Two
Measure 0.5″ off the top right raw edge and bottom left edge of the Main Rectangle and mark with a pin. Mark a diagonal line from corner to corner.
Step Three
Place the Outer Pocket Piece, right sides together, on top of the Main Rectangle piece so that the zipper extends to each pin. Stitch the zipper in place.
Step Four
Press your now attached Outer Zipper Pocket so that it lays flat and pretty. Top Stitch if desired.
Step Five
Take your second zipper and attach it to the top of the Front piece and stitch in place. Press and top stitch if desired. Then set the Front piece aside.
Step Six
Take the small rectangle and fold the long top raw edge down 1/4″ and press, fold down another 1/4″ and press again. Next fold the rectangle in half on vertically so that the wrong sides and raw edges will be touching.
I would suggest that you bar-tack the upper edge of the pocket to reinforce it.
Step Seven
Place the folded pocket in the bottom right hand corner of your Front piece and pin in place. Next you will top stitch the pressed hem edge to the Front piece and baste the raw edges. The Front piece is now complete and can be set aside.
Step Eight
Take your two Belt Loop pieces and press each side down by 1/4″, then repeat. Top stitch around the entire Belt Loop and press.
Step Nine
Take your second large rectangle, the Back piece, and lay it right side up. Measure down 2.5″ of the top raw edge and 1.75″ off the side raw edge and pin your Belt Loops so the wrong sides are touching the right side of the Back piece. Repeat for the second Belt Loop. Top stitch across the top and bottom of each loop leaving the center un-stitched.
Step 10
Now take your Front piece and lay it down right side up. Take you Back piece and match up the raw edge of the back piece to the top right side of the top zipper and stitch in place. If you want to top stitch press your new zipper seam up and top stitch.
Step 11
Now make sure that you open up your zipper so that it is wide enough for you to slip your hand inside of the pouch so that you can open the zipper. Then match up  your side raw edges and the bottom raw edges and pin in place. Stitch from the top right zipper down and around the perimeter of the pouch until you reach the top left side of the zipper.
Step 12
Now pink the edges of your fanny pack to prevent fraying. Then place your hand inside the pouch and open the zipper all the way to turn the fanny pack right side out. You are done! Take your cording (I stitched a piece of reflective tape to it) with attached buckles and thread it through the belt loops. Adjust as needed for your little ones waist, fill it with a few snacks and supplies, pick a trail, and head out for your next adventure!
If you have not read our post for the Strong is the New Skinny Blog Tour then you should really take a minute to see this Little Explore Fanny Pack in action!

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