A Color-Blocking Tutorial with Lucky Dragons & the Eclair Blouse

We hope that you have been enjoying all the stops on our Minshan Fabric Tour this week. This is such a fun line to work with! You have to see what Maegen from Mae & K has created her fabrics! The are a hanging work of art! It is so great to see all our friends make such fun projects to share with you all!

Today I am going to share with you one of the prints that I was not super excited about until I finally got a chance to see it, feel it, and work with it- Lucky Dragons. It comes in 3 color ways:

Dragons are not really my thing but, I thought that they would be fun for my boys and I knew that the coloration of the print would be beautiful. I was right about all of these. My boys are in love with the dragons, the print is stunning, and dragons still really are not my thing. Yet, with that being said, my middle daughter fell in love these Lucky Dragons and begged me for a new shirt. I have been wanting to color block the Eclair Blouse by Gracious Threads since it came out and I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to do that. So from Lucky Dragons to Lucky you! Here is a simple tutorial on how to color block the Eclair Blouse.

Color Blocking Gracious Thread’s Eclair Blouse


Eclair Blouse by Gracious Threads
Amazing Fabrics like the ones found in our SHOP!
A quilting ruler or long straight edge

So the first step is to purchase this awesome pattern from gracious Threads, download, print, tile and cut out all your pattern pieces. Once this is done you can set all the pieces aside except for the front bodice piece. I wanted to make sure that my zipper would extend through both of my color blocks, so I chose to make my cut 6.5″ off the base of the armscye. Please keep in mind that I am making the size 10 length. You might need to increase or decrease this measurement depending on the size you are making. I would suggest doing such in 1/4″ – 1/2″ increments. Once you are happy with the size of your two color blocks – use your ruler and pencil to draw a straight cut line. Then cut along the line and write the words “must add seam allowance” on the edges of your two new pieces.

Now you can cut. I would start with the top pattern block piece, lay it on your totally amazing Lucky Dragon on Turquoise print and using your quilting ruler be sure to add your seam allowance off the bottom edge of your new pattern piece. I like 1/2″ seam allowances, so that is what I used. Cut your fabric out along this line and then continue around the perimeter of your pattern piece.

Now we need to make sure that our Lucky Dragons are also Happy Dragons.I probably pay too close attention to details that are visual. For me I needed my dragons to line up as close to perfection as possible after the pieces are sewn together. To do this you need to line up your dragons while accounting for your seam allowance. Lay the top fabric block on the bottom fabric and match up your prints- laying the top block over the bottom block. Then carefully move your top fabric up 1/2″ (or your desired seam allowance. Using your ruler mark your cut lines.

You could take the extra step of basting the two blocks together at this point before cutting along your line, to check if the dragons lineup. Or…you can just cut your line and the rest of the pattern and go for it!

Now place the right sides of the fabrics together, pin, and stitch. Press your seams. Due to the need to run a zipper down the front of this bodice you will want your seams to be thin as possible. To do this I would suggest that you pink the raw edges then press your seams open. Lastly you will top stitch on both sides of your seam for a clean finished look.

You should now have a front bodice piece that is beautifully color-blocked and ready to become a blouse! To complete your blouse you will just follow the rest of Jessica’s tutorial.

Look at those dragons! Can you see the shading in this print that creates the beautiful details of these dragons!?! It is stunning the way Lewis & Irene paid attention to little details like this to really bring this fabric to life.

Dragons may still not be my thing, but a happy daughter is at the top of my list!
I hope that you have been inspired by my tutorial today.
We would love to see your next color blocking project or Eclair Blouse.
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