Date Night with Love Notions: Dinner & Dessert

With Valentines Day just around the corner, I set aside my normal sewing habits (aka kids clothing) and took the opportunity to make a few things for myself. I am excited to share them with you as part of Love Notions Blog Tour: ‘For the Love of Dresses & Tunics’.

Tami sent me the Trendy Tunic. This is a fun pattern made for knit fabrics. It features an apron-like front and back bodice with clever front pockets and great color blocking opportunities! I consider myself a slower seamstress but this project was easy and fast. I was able to cut and sew my tunic in one day, with all of my normal interruptions (aka – life & kids). One trick that I have learned recently about sewing with knits is to use a stretch thread in my bobbin. This simple little trick has made a huge difference in the finished look of my knit apparel and I would highly suggest trying it.
For my first tunic I stuck close to the pattern and went with the suggested color-blocking. I used Art Gallery knits: Buttonballs in Gold for the front panels and Knit Morse Dot in Sun for the contrasting side panels. I love how these two prints pair up!
My upper measurements suggested I make the Large size while my hips fell in the XL range. I chose to start off by blending the two sizes. It is much easier to take something in a bit, if needed, than to start all over because it does not fit at all. While I adore the style lines of the Trendy Tunic, I am at my widest at my hips and the flare of the tunic made me feel even wider. To fix this I simply took the side seams in to the medium stitch lines. This alteration created a fitted look at the hips that allowed me to feel more comfortable. This is one of the reasons that I love making my own clothes from PDF Patterns. I can trust great designers to give me a solid base that I can then tailor to feel my best! I will be wearing my tunic when my hubbie and I go out to dinner this week for my birthday. We do not get out often and so to have something new to wear will be a treat in of itself.
A date night, however, is always better with dessert! With that in mind I decided to make a second tunic. For this one I did not stick to the pattern. I wanted to make something that would be fun, a bit more adventurous, and push me beyond my normal comfort zone. I accomplished all three!
As we are all adults here, please understand that I believe that part of a happy & healthy marriage includes dessert. For this tunic I chose to use a stretch lace and used the front and back bodice pieces, ONLY. By leaving out the middle panels I was able to create a beautiful & romantic tunic that will be enjoyed. I am very happy with both of my tunics. I am delighted that I have the ability to create clothing that brings joy to my life!
Be it a date night out, a date night in, or a trip to the supermarket, the Trendy Tunic is a great choice in a PDF Patterns. Love Notions has many dresses and tunics that you can choose from! If the Trendy Tunic is not the one for you I am sure you will find one that is. Be sure to follow along on this fun tour to see the many tunics and dresses that this amazing group of ladies has created!

To help you prepare for your next creation Love Notions is running a giveaway along with the tour for your choice of 5 Love Notions  PDF Patterns & a $50 Gift Certificate to Girl Charlee Fabrics. That sounds like a great Valentines gift to me!

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  1. I think your lace "tunic" is a great idea also! I never would have thought to use a day-clothes pattern like that. And the way you presented it on your blog was very classy 🙂 I'm new to your blog (I came here checking out the tour), but will be back to read again!

  2. Thank you all for the kind and encouraging comments!! I was very nervous posting this but I am so happy that I did. I hope to have inspired you to step out of your box and sew something brilliant for yourself!

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