Boys Can Wear Pink: Mish-Mash Moto’s

I am so glad that Kelly from Handmade Boy is hosting Season 2 of Boys Can Wear Pink! I loved the Classic Oxford Button-Up that I made last year and my little man wears it almost every Sunday to Church. This year I wanted to make something more everyday so I took some of my favorite bits & pieces from a few different pants patterns and made this mash up. I am calling it the Mish-Mash Moto and I LOVE IT! The best part is my little man is asleep in bed with them still on because he refused to take them off! Mommy win!

My little man loves color and he is as vibrant as a box of crayola crayons, so I knew that making him a pair of hot pink pants would be just wonderful to him! I paired it with a Star Wars Safari Raglan that I made last year. They look amazing together! I love how the pink pants pull the pink highlights out of the fabric.

As I mentioned before the pants are a mish-mash of some of my favorite aspects of current patterns I have seen around. I was inspired by 3 PDF patterns for pants. First: I love the fit of Titchy Threads Small Fry Skinny Jeans. This was my original base (and the only pants pattern of the three I own). The rise and bum are spot on. Yet, I wanted these pants to be a bit more fitted so I fussed with the width a bit.

The other two pants are Love Notion’s Moto Maxx Pants & Lil Luxe’s Mini Moto Pants. I love the panel in the front of the leg that you can find on both patterns! I wanted a nice angle and the texture found in the Mini Motos. But – I wanted my mine to be small like pintucks. I also wanted the panel to be uneven, because there is very little about my boy that is uniformed at this stage of life! So I did not measure my pintucks- I just folded it here and folded it there, and tried really hard to push the OCD part of my personality out of this project!

I also adore the cuff found on Love Notion’s Moto Maxx Pants but I used a stretch denim and I wanted to have a rolled cuff instead. To get the wide rolled cuff I just added a bit more length and made a wide hem that I could roll up. By doing this I was able to hide the serge threads and still get the look I wanted! Next time I think I will add just a bit more length to it.

I am teaching a young man our family knows, how to sew, read patterns, and hopefully create patterns. We worked together on this project and it was great to see him come to life when trying to figure everything out. So of course we had to throw something new and original into these pants. We worked on the back panel of the lower leg. This is often not a focus of a pants pattern so we thought it would be fun to add a little Phat flare and make a few more hap-hazard pleats. It was just want we needed to complete this Mish-Mash Moto look!

I love bright, bold, and vibrant colors! To me they represent joy, wonder, and fun! When all of these adjectives are wrap up in a whirlwind of energy they are called children! Children are our future and they deserve to be able to explore the world around them in any color that makes them happy!! That is why Boys CAN Wear Pink!



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  1. Those pants are AMAZING! I love that a young man helped you with this project. Boys can wear pink and learn to sew too! 😉

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