A Splendid Sewing Adventure

I started sewing at the end of 2009, when my first child was 18 months old.  Because I was too delirious with fabric to realize how crazy I was.  I’ve since had two more children & my sewing adventures may just have no limits.  My first sewing projects were quilts.  There’s just nothing like taking some beautiful prints and cutting them into small pieces only to stitch it all back together again into something completely new & different.  I’ve ventured into sewing some clothing for my children & even myself, but I am always drawn back to the appeal of a quilt.
I was thrilled to stumble upon a fabulous quilt block sew a long of sorts called The Splendid Sampler.  It is hosted by none other than Pat Sloan & Jane Davidson.  Pat describes The Splendid Sampler as “a year long 100 block ‘Epic Adventure’ in quilt making.  That’s right:  100 blocks created by 84 designers to be released over a year.  A new block is released each Thursday & Sunday morning & we are encouraged to just jump in on the fun wherever we can.  There’s a great opportunity to learn new patterns & methods an as well as make some favorites, I am sure.  My personal goal is to complete approximately one block each week.

With gorgeous prints from Lavish freshly delivered from Art Gallery, I am thrilled to get stitching on some new quilt blocks.  Who knows what new skills I will learn along the way.  You can follow my adventures on Instagram.  As of today, 20 blocks have been released, in addition to a few bonus blocks
The first block I chose to work on is block #12 Checkerboard:

I used this lovely Trellis Plaid Fresh from Katarina Roccella’s latest line from Art Gallery Fabrics and paired it with Quartz Pink woven solid.  I love how the Trellis Plaid looks completely different when cut into small pieces & stitched back together.

What better excuse to buy new fabric than a fresh new sew a long?
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– Leah


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