May the Fourth be with you: Mom’s Star Wars Stash

Star Wars is most definitely not just for boys.  Gemia & I determined that long before The Force Awakened & turned everyone into fans.  While my husband & son have made my love for all things Skywalker grow, Gemia has been a die hard fan pretty much since forever.
It’s fun to see our kids get excited over the things we enjoyed as kids.  With moms that sew, that love extends to fabric as well.  They are always pulling their own fabric selections & putting in their “order” for what they would like us to create for them next.

We recently added Lecien Jelly Clips to the shop &  my daughter has been daydreaming about making a little clip purse.  I had fun playing with some of my Star Wars fabric stash this week as well as this new-to-me sewing toy.  The clips are chunky, playful, and very easy to use.    They come in several colors & 2 sizes.  I used the small four inch black clip frame for my little purse.  It’s just perfect for slipping into my bag & helping to keep things organized.  While I could put anything inside from business cards to hair ties to change, I found the just the right purpose…


I LOVE chocolate!  And this is the perfect little pouch to contain a little stash for the chocolate lover on the go.  What a cute gift this would make!

It’s always fun to see what other Star Wars lovers create.  Here are some of our favorites from around the web:

Gemia’s favorites:  Star Wars quilt by katenearpass, Geometric Millennium Falcon by Just Joshin,   Chewbacca T-Shirt pillow by Kitchen Table Quilting,  Yub Nub:  source unknown

Leah’s favorites:  Paper Pieced BB8 by Fandom in Stitches, Star Wars Maker’s Tote by Fresh Lemons Quilts,  Triangle Star Wars quilt by Holly Gets Quilty, Cuddly Chewbacca by Draw Pilgrim

Follow our Pinterest board for more inspiring Intergalactic projects.  May the Fourth be with you!

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