Spring Cardigan for Boys Can Wear Pink Season 3

It is time for one of my favorite tours! Boys Can Wear Pink!!!! This year however my main fabric is not pink. For the Boys Can Wear Pink -season 3, I am replacing the pink with print. Just as boys can wear pink, should wear pink (it’s a great color) and do wear pink; I think that boys should be able to wear a ‘girly’ print just because they like it!


I love the fact that there are creative strong men who are having an impact on the sewing world like Matthew Boudreaux from Mister Domestic & Rob Appell of Man Sewing. I have had the opportunity to sit with and listen to Walter Bravo of Art Gallery Fabrics and Bryon from Lewis & Irene Fabrics, as they talk about the inspiration behind their companies, the joy of working with family & friends, and stories behind the prints that you see on fabric. I love that these men have found their passion and joy in this industry. My oldest son loves all the fabrics that come and go from my shop. He gets so excited over pink flamingos, sea monsters, flowers, plaids, solids….all of it! I am so grateful that we live in a time and day where his excitement in fabric can be celebrated.

When my little man helped me open a box of fabrics from Birch Fabrics he immediately fell in love with the sweet little pink bunnies that are bounding all over Bunny Hop from Hidden Garden. He pretty much begs me to make him something from every bolt that comes into the shop so I passed it off and just what he says. The next morning he asked again if I would make him something with it and my daughter turned to him and said, no that is a girl fabric. Well people, that did it! I wanted him to know that if he loves a fabric, any fabric, that is his choice and he should not feel bad for it.

Yes, there are sweet little pink bunnies on this print. Yes, there are flowers on this print. Yes, there are butterflies on this print. Yes, I cut that fabric off the bolt in front of him and told him to go wash it and pick out a pattern! Yes! My amazing, happy, confident little man is wearing pink bunnies on a navy background with white flowers and butterflies and YES!!! He is as happy as could be!

We decided that a cardigan would be perfect for spring and perfect for this Bunny Hop knit. While most might pair this print with a rosy pink or turquoise for a more feminine  look, I choose Art Gallery Fabrics Sahara Sun knit. I used Pattern for Pirates Cpt. Mack’s Cardigan. This was a very fast and rewarding project. I even sped up the process by keeping my pockets and elbow patches raw. I know that my little man will be wearing this over and over again, proudly showing his classmates and teachers his ‘sweet little bunnies’. Come celebrate with us and participate in the daily giveaway! There are many grate tour sponsors this year and today sponsors will make you smile! Be sure to follow along on all the stops and celebrate a boy being a boy wearing what makes him happy!

Boys Pattern Bundle from Love Notions Patterns
Pattern of choice from Pollywoggles
Pattern of choice from Cole’s Corner and Creations
Pattern of choice from Snuggle My Baby Patterns
Pattern of choice from Sisboom
$25 gift certificate from Hawthorne Threads

0 thoughts on “Spring Cardigan for Boys Can Wear Pink Season 3

  1. The print is lovely indeed and he wear the cardigan very well and I see you did get a perfect shot of him facing the wall in the end 😉

  2. Holy wow, I love the print mixing and the cardigan with bunnies! He is gorgeous, Gemia! (But the finger pointing at the beginning of the post just about killed me with cuteness.)

  3. Isn't that hilarious! I have so many outtakes of him doing that arm in the face move thing. I know the kids have a word for it, but I'm the dork mom that is clueless about why they do it!

  4. Hello !

    As part of my February column about sewing trends for Sew, Mama, Sew!, I'd love to share this project ( I love the bunnies!). I will share one photo and link to both your project and your main blog address. (you can see past trends posts here: http://www.sewmamasew.com/?s=sewing+trends

    the post is scheduled for February 15. As per my agreement with SMS i do need your express permission to use one of your photos, so if you'd like to be included, please respond ASAP.

    thank you!!
    Kelley kelleyetg@gmail.com

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