Sling-shot Target for Monaluna’s Simple Life Blog Tour

One of the things my family loves to do is be outdoors. We love to hike and play in the woods. My boys have slingshots that they will bring along to ‘hunt’ with. When we decided to have a boy theme for this tour I knew that I wanted to do something other than clothing and the Bear Family fabric was a perfect match for the slingshot. So, I made a Target Stand for my little men and used the fabric to create targets! This was a very fast and easy project and I am very excited to share it with you as my stop on the Monaluna Simple Life Blog Tour.


To make the targets you will need the following supplies:
3 Fat Quarters
1 sheet of Phoomph
a D-ring
a heavy duty Hole-punch
a long ruler
a Rotary cutter
basic sewing supplies

Step 1: Using a long ruler and the rotary cutter, cut the sheet of Phoomph in half so that you have 2 pieces that are 6″ x 9″

Step 2: Cut a 6″ x 18″ strip off of one fat quarter. Then you will cut this strip in half so that you have (2) 6″ x 9″ pieces. (I am using Bear Family for one target and Nature’s Walk for a second)

Step 3: The fun thing about Phoomph is that it has a sticky layer on each side so attaching the fabric to the Phoomph is as simple as rolling it on! So peel the paper off of one side of the Phoomph.

Step 4: Roll up your fabric piece (it’s just easier to do it like this) and then roll it out onto the Phoomph. Press it down firmly with your hand and then repeat Steps 3-4 for the other side.

Step 5: Find the center of your target and use a pin to mark a point about 0.75″-1″ below the edge. Sadly the placement of my fabric put this right in the head of one of the bears…then again I am turing them into target practice so I guess it’s fair game…. HA HAHAH…did you cathc that? I crack myself up!

Step 6: Using a heavy duty hole punch, like the Cropidille, punch a hole through the Phoomph target. This is where you will attach the target to the D-ring. Now you have complete one target. I did make two targets. Now you could stop right here, punch a hole in the top of it and be good, because lets face it boys don’t care about the details. Sadly though I do so…

Step 7: So I needed to make some bias tape. I used the Herringbone to make my bias tape. There are a ton of great tutorials on how to do this, so I wont re-invent the wheel today.

Step 8: Now that I had some really cool bias tape all I needed to do is attach it to the perimeter of the target. Now I have an amazing target made from all organic animals (BWAAHAHHAAA!!! I just can’t help it!)

Now you can be creative and hang your new target anywhere, but my hubbie and I also like to build things so we made a clever little Target stand. You can do this in a variety of ways. The important thing is the the cross bar of the stand needs to be smaller that your D-ring and the height of the cross bar needs to be at least 12″ off the ground. We used some wood pieces that we had on had and a small wooden dowel.

Target Stand: Cut a piece of 2×4 into (4) 14″ pieces. Add a hinge to the top of two of the pieces then repeat this for the other pieces. Attach a dowel holder (totally NOT the official word) to the top of each pair. Inset your dowl. The fun thing about this is that the boys can take it apart and assemble it on their own. It is also nice for storage!

I have pans to make a simple drawstring bag to store all the wood pieces and the targets, so hopefully I can get that done this week. Now the next time we go out into the woods, or on a rainy day, my boys can practice their sling-shot skills. Maybe one day they will even become good enough to catch a real bear or deer for a Sunday roast, until then they will be occupied and happy and I can see beautiful Monaluna fabric which makes me smile!

I had a blast thinking outside the box with this project and my boys are can’t stop playing hunting. I hope you enjoyed this fun project. If hunting is not your thing, don’t stress, there are plenty more stops on this tour with many more amazing boy themed projects that are just perfect for this new fabric line.

Monday:   Wild and Wanderful

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