Sew Much Fun Blog Hop: Save Your Knit Scraps

I am so excited to be a part of and see all the great tips on the Sew Much Fun Blog Hop: Save Your Scraps! I am a saver and sometimes it maybe a bit overkill. But I also have 5 kids who love to hoard my scraps like little fabric hungry squirrels. They make all sorts of random crafts, trinkets, and clothing for their toys with the bits of fabric I do not use. Today I am going to give you a quick tip on saving knit selvages and long strips.

I love working with knit fabrics and great knit prints are everywhere right now! Right before I start to cut out a project I make sure that I am placing the pattern pieces so that there is a small strip by the selvage. After I am done cutting out my pattern I make sure that I go through and cut ant stripes that are at least 15″ long. These long strings of knit are the best!

I used them for all the little details on my projects. They make great ties on joggers.
Can be used in patterns like Petite Stitchery & Co’s Tansy Pants for cool ties.

We have also used them as shoelaces and to tie around fabrics that are headed out of the shop and into your hands. They work great for ribbons on gifts and they look so pretty in a jar for storage. So before you get rid of what you think is scrap fabric…find the long strings and put them to good use! I hope you enjoyed this quick tip and check out the other post to see more fabrics saving tips!

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