Homemade Boy’s St. Judes Fighter Tee

Hey all! Today I get to talk a little about fighting for a cause and I will share with you a fantastic way that you can fight while doing something you love…sewing! I think that every person has a battle that they are or will have to fight. These battles can be emotional, physical, financial, or a crazy combo. Battles are part of life. My family has been in many battles and I know that there will be more to come. Sometimes in life I get so focused on my family and our battles that I forget there is a whole world beyond us- all fighting something. It makes me feel normal to understand this but it also breaks my heart. I do not want people to suffer and to be faced with hard things. I want to help as many as I can. Yet, I am one person. One wife & mother, running a family, raising children, fighting the battles that come to my front door. What can I possibly to do help beyond my sphere?

Do you ever feel like this? That there is only so much that you can do and that you are fighting to keep control of your own life so how can you possible be of service to others? Does it break your heart like it breaks mine?

I am blessed to be surrounded by amazing friends who find fantastic ways to help others and provide me a way to jump in on the fun! Today, I am going to tell you about Kelly from Handmade Boy and what she is doing to help others fight the medical battles they are faced with. She has just produced her first PDF Pattern and she did it with a cause and purpose. She is going to be a runner in the St. Judes Run this year. As a runner she raises money to help with research for childhood illnesses! I hate to run! But I love to sew! So the great part of all this is that all the proceeds from her pattern, The Fighter Tee, will be donated to this cause! So Kelly can do her things and run and I can do my thing and sew (by the way Kelly is an amazing seamstress too) and we both can be doing a small part to help children and their families. You can participate too! It is simple…BUY THE PATTERN! Thats it!

But…you will want to add it to your sewing To-Do List and this is why. It is great!
The directions are clear, the pattern is well written and time and effort were meticulously
put into testing for the perfect base sizing! And…..


It is a lose fitting everyday play kinda shirt for sizes 2t-12.
It is great for girls or boys, boys or girls.
It has the fun design details of side panels which begged for my favorite combo of stripes and a print.
So now that you know something simple you can do to help fight for those who can’t…what are you waiting for!?!?!! Go grab your Fighter Tee, whip one up and fight for a cause!


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