Swimsuit Cover-Up Pattern Hack

It is summer! We do not have a pool but living in the Pacific Northwest we do have waterfalls! My family loves to hike and so I thought it would be fun to bring a little Tropical Burst into the PNW forest for my stop on Lulu & Celeste, Sprouting JubeJube Productions Swimsuit Edition Tour.

What I am going to show you today is how to adapt Petite Stitchery & Co.’s Jasper Vest into a knit swimsuit cover-up. The first you will need to do I to purchase the Jasper Vest. The Jasper vest is an over-sized outwear piece that has sleek body curve lines. The suggested fabrics are Faux Fur, Sherrpa, Fleece, Denim, Canvas, or Duck Cloth for the outer shell and Cotton or Linen for the lining. Here is what it looks like sew as is….

To go from winter to summer the first thing that I changed was the recommended fabrics. I am in love with Bari J’s Tropical Burst print in knit and have been waiting for the perfect project to use it. This was it. The Jasper Vest is a pattern where the inside of the garment is just as important as the outside and so I knew I needed to line it with a second knit. I gave my daughter 3 options of Art Gallery Solid Color Knits that blend beautifully with this print. She chose the Turquoise.

The next thing that needed to be done was to make the vest longer. The Jasper Vest, sewn as is, falls at the top of my daughter rear. That does not really make for much of a swimsuit cover-up so I pin a measuring tape to the finished vest (or if you have no made it before the top of the rear) and just picked how much I wanted to extend it. At this point I knew that I was going to create fringe so I choose to extend the pattern by 12″.

The Jasper Vest pattern made adding length very simple because it provided extension lines on the pattern. I simple cut in between these lines and added a 12″ piece of paper to extend the length. On any pattern piece that had curves I redrew the curves to take into account the length extension. Once I had done this to all the pattern pieces I cut out my fabric, serged it all together (following the pattern instructions) to get an outer shell and the inner shell. I wanted to make the cover-up with a fringed boarder so at this point I set the pattern instructions down and did my own thing.

I wanted the armholes to be sewn RST and was in a hurry so I simply cut the back bodice of the outer shell up the center so that I would not have to think about how to pull everything out nicely. Then I sewed the armholes and attached the outer shell to the lining at the upper collar by sewing RST. That is it. The rest I left opened.

To create the fringe I just started cutting. This was really hard and scary I wont lie! But I just went slowly. I had my daughter stand with it on while I cut so I knew how high to cut the fringe and I just kept cutting! To keep the layers together I braided a few of the fringe strips here and there. I absolutely LOVE how this came out!!!!

I made a quick Braided Belt with knit scraps that matched and called it good. I now have requests from my daughters, and a friend, to make more so I know there will be more of these in the future. I hope that I have inspired you to try something new this summer.

Be sure to check out all the other stops on the tour for more inspiration and play along with us for great daily prizes and grand prizes. This whole thing was put on by the lovely ladies of Lulu & Celeste, Sprouting JubeJube Productions so be sure to say Hi to them too.


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