Dress Up Hoodie by Mouse House Creations: Dino Style

I took a quick break from my life to make another Hoodie for my boys. Last year I made a Bat Hoodie just because I could. My boys wear it all the time and often I find them playing ‘Paper, Scissors, Rocks” to determine who will get to wear it. This year I tried out Hayley Crouse’s new Dress Up Hoodie. This is the newest pattern to hit The Mouse House and it is a fun, playful pattern.

The pattern base is a raglan sweater that ranges from 6M to 12Y. There are a number of ‘Dress-up’ options that you can play with to create a hoodie perfect for your little man or lady! I decided that my boys needed a Dinosaur Hoodie. I also just received a Denna Rutters new Fossil Rim Knits, by Riley Blake Fabrics, for the SHOP and wanted to create something that would really show off these tiny dinosaurs. The scale on the Fossil Tiny Dinos is great for kids. It gives the fabric texture from far away and entices you to come closer and check out each type of dinosaur found on the print. I love that the coloration is monotone but graphic. There are two colorways available in the shop right now….


To make the fabric stand out I choose to use it as the hood lining, sleeves and the accent scales. I used a navy terry cloth for the main sweater, hood, and accent scales. I really like how the scales turned out by using two different prints. It adds another visual texture layer that makes me happy! The pattern provides a variety of sizes for the scales. This is great for the overall appearance and is helpful for the wide Hoodie size range.

According to the size chart I needed to make a 5t. By having a variety of sizes for the scales I was able to create a look that was proportionate to the size I was making. The pattern called for ‘fiber fill’ as the insides of each scale. Sadly I did not have any on hand, but there were plenty of scraps remaining from cutting out the pattern pieces. I simply went a little crazy with the rotary cutter and chopped them all up into my own ‘knit fill’. It worked out great and made me feel a bit better about the lack of waste.

I did find the sleeves to be a bit short in the end, but I also have a tall 4 year old so he might have longer than average arms. I do want to make a point here however, about how important it is to check your child’s measurements AND check the size chart specific to the pattern you are creating. Pattern designers have slightly different size charts and grading scales. AND different designs are intended to fit differently. Good pattern pieces are graded to create the best overall fit for the given size range. I cannot stress using the size chart specific to the pattern you are creating enough. I am super happy with the overall fit of the 5t.

I also adore the size of the hood. I enjoy the little chin strap portion and I find the hood fits good both when on his head and when he has it down against the back of the hoodie. Hoodies are a great staple for winter and when you find a good pattern that has as many fun options as this one it is worth the investment!

I see many more varieties of the Dress Up Hoodie in my near future. You really should head over to Mouse House Creations Facebook group to see all the inspirational hoodies that are out there. Then head over to my SHOP to find just the right fabrics for your new Dress Up Hoodie! I can’t wait to see what you create.


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