Sew Much Fun Blog Hop: Scrappy Christmas Cloth Napkins

I love a good blog hop and what is better than Last Minute Christmas Projects shared by great makers!?!?! That is exactly what you are going to get on today’s Sew Much Fun Blog Hop! There are great tutorials that you can make last minute to add a bit of fun to your holiday. (You can find links to the rest of the Blog Hop at the end of this post.) Today I am going to show you how to create Scrappy Christmas Cloth Napkins.

Our family loves to make handmade Christmas gifts. With 5 littles cutting, sewing, and creating I always end up with a bunch of scraps that I do no have the heart to simple trash. Especially when they are using some of my favorite Christmas prints from our SHOP. So I always make sure that the extras are set aside and this year I finally figured out what do with them! I cut them up a bit more then sewed them all back together into one big piece. From there I made some super cute Scrappy Christmas Cloth Napkins to make our holidays a bit more fun! These are a great fabric scrap buster and can be made with any type of fabric anytime of year. You can keep your napkins for your own table or use them as handmade gifts! Here is a step by step tutorial on how I went from fabric scraps to fabric napkins:


  • A variety of fabric scraps AND a contrasting fabric
  • Quilters ruler or a straight edge
  • A rotary cutter or fabric scissors
  • A pinking rotary blade or pinking shears
  • Cutting mat (if using rotary)
  • Basic Sewing Supplies: Sewing Machines, Pins, Thread, Fabric Marker (if using scissors)


Step 1: Gather up your scraps

Step 2: If you have random squares and strips as I did, you will need to cut down your scraps into strips. I wanted my napkins to look very ‘scrappy’ so I choose NOT to be uniformed in the width and length of my strips. Once I had everything cut up, I sorted the strips into piles that were close in width and length.

Step 3: Once I had my strips ready to go, I just started to grab strips from the different piles to sew together. To begin take 2 strips and lay them right sides together, matching raw edges. Pin the two strips in place and then stitch them together on your sewing machine using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Repeat this process with 3-5 strips, then press the seams (While I am a Jedi at heart, I would suggest pressing toward the dark side 😉 for the best results). You may choose to top stitch now, later, or not at all, as it will be mainly for appearance and not necessity.

Step 4: Again to maintain the ‘scrappy’ look I pulled a few thin strips and stitched them together to equal the length of thicker strips. This then became a new strip that I would stitch to another, and so on.

Step 5: After completing a set of strips and pressing them, you will simply continue the process until you have joined all of your strips and create a new scrappy fabric.

***CONSTRUCTION TIP*** From time to time you might want to check your new strip fabric to be sure that it is not becoming to ‘angled’. Simply use a quilting ruler to square up strips that have a less than uniformed width.

Step 6: Once you have used up all your strips (or given up and thrown the rest back into your scrap bucket), you will want to trim the edges of your new scrappy strip fabric. This will give you a nice clean edge to begin sutting your napkins off of.

Step 7: Cut your new scrappy strip fabric into squares. I choose not make all my napkins the same size, as I did not want to do the math. I simply used the measurements of the scrappy strip fabric and found the size of squares that would fit best

Step 8: I ended up with three different sizes; 9″ x 9″ (my napkins), 5″x 5″ (which I turned into mug rugs), and 3″ x 3″ (which I turned into mini napkins). I also had a few strips leftover. These I am using for another last minute scrappy project that I will share later this week, so be sure to visit again!

Step 9: Cut out backings that are the same size as your new napkins.


Step 10: Lay the front and back napkins, wrong sides together. Pin the two pieces together along the edges. Then using a zig-zag stitch, stitch around the perimeter of the napkin, being sure to back stitch at the start and finish, so to lock the stitching in place.

Step 11: Carefully trim the edges of your napkin with a pinking rotary or pinking shears. Be sure not to clip through the stitching. This is further add to the scrappy farmhouse appearance of your napkins and protect the napkins from fraying over time.

You are done! It is as easy as that. Making cloth napkins using these methods is so easy that your kids can get in on the fun too!

You have now gone from scrap fabric to fabric napkins. I love doing this for all types of fabrics & seasons. It is a great way to use up my fabric scraps AND using cloth napkins is a great way to help lower our fingerprint on our beautiful earth. What is better than a up-cycled project that creates something that can be used, washed, and used again!

Your final napkins do not have to be just for dinner time either. We have plans of making sugar cookies this week, wrapping them up in a new Scrappy Christmas Cloth Napkin and giving them to our neighbors. I also ended up making a few 5″ x 5″ squares that I am calling Mug Rugs. My husband had a work Christmas party the other night and I grabbed one of my new Scrappy Christmas Mug Rugs, a red mug, and some hot coco and wrapped it up for a sweet little white elephant gift! We are doing the same for our teacher gifts this year.

I ended up with a few 3″ x 3″ Mini Cloth Napkins that I have been putting in my kids lunchboxes for school as well. It is a fun way to celebrate the season, show them that I am thinking about them, and hopefully remind them to wipe their faces before they run off to recess!

I hope that you enjoyed this little tutorial. It was really fun to make! You can find all of these fabrics in our shop. I will list them below for you.

Christmas Gnomes in Green by Lewis & Irene
Globes by Riley Blake Fabrics
Winter Twist by In the Beginning
North Star Map by Lewis & Irene
Comfort Words by Riley Blake
Tin Soldiers by Lewis & Irene
Red Ticking by Maywood Fabrics

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